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Unlike many crypto publications, Valerioshi’s content is personalized, quality-controlled, and speaks to degens. In other words, you’ll find no tourist content here. V. reports—thoughtfully—from behind the trenches.

A bit about V.:

  • Orange-pilled via Silk Road 🍊

  • Led the CryptoPunk burn for BTC DeGods 🔥

  • Worked with CoinGecko, Magic Eden, CoinMarketCap, Phantom, KuCoin, and others

  • Built and ran an ETH mining farm

  • Ex-CMO at Hashlings, Satoshi Labs LLC.

  • Ex-Head of Content spearheading growth at Yeeha Games, Bybit’s gaming platform

  • 4th President of X+ DeGods 🔴

  • Incredibly adept at losing money

  • Host of Degen Reports on Youtube 🎪

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Most crypto YouTube sucks. It’s either by tourists visiting Twitter and reporting what’s going on from there, or simpfluencers sucking up to VCs and selling you on nonsense. Or the stuff they deliver just isn’t good enough.

Degen Reports brings you in-depth knowledge and thoughtful analyses, with interviews and more on the horizon 🗻

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